Kick the Habit, Start Over

KickStart is a transformative, theraputic program for people on community correction orders.  It’s a suite of highly successful programs developed to produce real impact for individuals in the community with alcohol and/or other drugs issues and offending behaviours.

A highly effective and innovative behaviour change program

Designed and developed by Caraniche – drawing on 30 years’ experience working with people in the justice system – the suite of structured and digitally-enhanced programs represent a unique and highly effective community-based approach to tackling significant alcohol and drug problems of participants.

For Facilitators

Successful completion of KickStart equips participants with effective strategies to address the link between substance use and offending, while increasing motivation, self-confidence and skills for change.
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For Agencies

KickStart’s evidence-based programs are delivered by endorsed AOD agencies who are supported by a Community of Practice, ongoing Supervision and an online Facilitator Portal.
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KickStart programs work

Getting a handle on substance use and criminal activities is a massive challenge for community-based offenders. KickStart programs deliver the strategies to meet those challenges.

KickStart’s fundamental aim is to create meaningful behavioural change for people on a community correction order. Internal and external evaluations of the KickStart mens’ programs demonstrate that participants achieve significant improvements in their emotional regulation (as measured by the DERS); quality of life (as measured by the WHO-QoL); psychological distress (as measured by the K10), and reduced criminal thinking (as measured by the PICTS).

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Successful completion of KickStart increases the likelihood of successful completion of a community correction order

Improvements in emotional regulation and psychological distress

Reductions in current criminal thinking

Improvements in overall quality of life