Completion rates for the mens’ programs
75% completion rates in final three pilots

The KickStart programs work

Getting a handle on substance use and criminal activities is a massive challenge for people in the justice system. KickStart programs deliver the strategies to meet those challenges.

KickStart’s fundamental aim is to create prosocial behaviour change in people on a community correction order. Internal and external evaluations have demonstrated that the progress successfully engages both moderate and high-risk individuals due in part to the group program model. Participants achieve positive outcomes in terms of individual wellbeing, knowledge and strategies to prevent re-offending and improved social connections.

Importantly, the data reveals that completion of the KickStart Program is likely to predict successful completion of a community correction order

The individual effect

From program kick-off to completion, participants noticed marked improvements in motivation, self-efficacy, psychological health and social relationships.


*as the program progressed


*as measured by the DERS


*as measured by the K10


*as measured by the PICTS


*as measured by the WHO-QoL

“[The program] gave me a much better understanding about myself.”
96% of participants would recommend the program to others
"Gave me the tools to hopefully live with sobriety”

The KickStart programs successfully engage individuals at moderate and high risk of re-offending.

The Group Model fosters a sense of belonging and community and allows participants to learn from the experiences of others.

Completion of KickStart is likely to predict successful completion of a community correction Order.

The outside perspective

Community Correction Case Managers and AOD Treatment providers report that the program contributes to a deeper understanding of offending, increased knowledge of strategies to prevent offending in future, improved social connections and a greater confidence to share ones’ stories and experiences.

The KickStart program overview

The foundations for change.

There are six variants of the KickStart Program available based on the participants’ risk level, gender and suitability for group.

The variants for men include a 42-hour and a 24-hour group program, as well as a 15-hour and an 8-hour individual program.

In recognition that women have different pathways to offending and substance use, and different criminogenic needs, to men, the KickStart Suite includes gender-responsive programs for women.

The variants for women including a 24-hour group program and an 8-hour individual program.

Group Program

42 hours (15 sessions) OR 24 hours (8 sessions)

People serving a community correction order, combined custodial sentences or parole

Individual Program

15 hours OR 8 hours

People serving a community correction order who are unsuitable for group programs.

Digital KickStart

The KickStart programs can now be accessed via a web-based platform incorporating digital enhancements to create a more accessible and engaging experience for participants.

The majority of participants say they would prefer to access the KickStart program online and complete the activities digitally.

Facilitators report that the digital programs reduce administration time, are fun to deliver and allow for real-time tracking of participant’s progress.

3 big outcomes


Increases self-awareness of the relationship between drug use and offending


Provides skills development while increasing motivation and self-efficacy for change


Guides the development of realistic and actionable self-management plans.