Use of materials

The materials available on this website have been developed by Caraniche, and are based on Caraniche’s experience in the delivery of intensive programs to justice-involved clients in a variety of custodial and community settings. They have been developed for the use of experienced and skilled facilitators who are able to communicate the KickStart information, activities and strategies to clients accurately and in a manner that is responsive to their individual needs and capacities.

The materials are available for use by persons who have been trained in Kickstart and endorsed as facilitators by Caraniche or who are in the process of undergoing endorsement, and only while they continue in the agency for which they have been accredited.

The most recent versions of materials are available on the website, and these are the versions that are to be used at all times in the delivery of the KickStart programs. You will be notified via email when a new version of a document or form is uploaded.

In order to maintain program and treatment integrity, the materials are not to be altered or amended and are not to be used for any other purpose, nor distributed to third parties not directly involved in the KickStart program.

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We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.  You can provide feedback on the program or ask questions and seek advice on its delivery via the online feedback form.